Get Ready to Fall in Love: February Birthstone Edit

February is for love and passion.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, perfectly timed for our red gemstone collection.

Cornelian Stone Earrings

Meet the Cornelian Stone Earrings: A special silver piece made in the 1950s in Israel. 




Cornelian Stone: a semi- precious gemstone, highly valued since ancient times in regions like Assyria and Greece. It is one of the stones thought to be the Odem, one of the twelve stones found on the Hoshen, the sacred garment worn by the High priest of the Temple of Jerusalem.


"The spiritual meaning of Cordalian stone is deeply rooted in its ability to connect individuals with higher states of consciousness." 



 The Granite Necklace

Granite Stone:  Besides being elegant and resistant, granite is known to be a 'stone of protection', and that it possesses sacred and magical qualities. Additionally, granite stones have the capacity to bring balance to relationships and stabilize emotions. Some even see it as a stone associated with abundance, as it contributes to financial prosperity for who wears it.



Ethnic Cuff Bracelet


The Amber Silver Cuff


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