Our Story



We invite you to wander through the artifacts collected by the chtirit family over decades of their journeys and explorations in markets worldwide, where they gathered unique vintage jewelry and curated historical items passed down through generations.

Each item in the collection has a story - one that is unique and exceptional in its own right.

Every piece has undergone quality control, comes with original stamps, and embodies characteristics of authentic historical genres.

Each item holds potential and historical significance.

Zohar Shtirit, a leading fashion photographer who collaborates with top designers locally and globally, has established the brand together with his family. Their goal is to make the family collection accessible to vintage enthusiasts with a keen eye.

In 1945, Zohar's grandfather left Morocco hastily one night, carrying among his few belongings a treasure chest containing unique items of great aesthetic, historical, and emotional value.

A love for aesthetics, the ability to observe, and identify uniqueness are qualities and passions that Zohar believes have shaped his family's life and informed the creation of this collection.